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Episode 29 Part One: Workplace and Ethnography Research

People. Work. is. Changing! Nine-to-five schedules are less relevant, co-location offices are more common, and hybrid working with flexible schedules are here to stay.

In Episode 29, Sharday connects with Karen Jaw-Madson, principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience + author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @ Work, and Evan Hanover, anthropologist and director for Conifer Research.

In this jam-packed episode, Karen provides us with a much-needed “how-to” for applying design thinking to workplace culture, co-creation and employee engagement using the Design of Work Experience (DOWE) framework.

Evan, an anthropologist with a background in ethnography research, pulls the curtain on ethnographic approaches to workplace research and how businesses look to reimage what work and organizational culture could be like moving forward.

Together, Sharday, Evan and Karen discuss the impact of workplace culture due to the pandemic and many other changing variables in how businesses operate. Workplace culture was never about buying ping pong tables – it’s always been an untapped asset or a possible liability for all companies, no matter the industry.

Given the change in society – hybrid work, flexible schedules, and new organizational change – how are businesses using market research to help support the shift in employee engagement and tackle business challenges to help positively influence the future of work?

Three Episodes Series:

Join us on the FIRST of THREE episodes where Sharday, Karen and Evan help businesses understand leading-edge approaches when it comes to building employee engagement, staying relevant with staff, ensuring co-creative solutions are available while impacting the organizations for which they are intended.

This episode is unlike any we’ve done before. Check back each week for the next episode. Part two drops on April 5, 2022!

Workplace culture is REAL. So, what are you doing about it?

More information on today’s episode:

Check out the DOWE framework model provided by Karen Jaw-Madson, author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @ Work:

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