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Episode 34: The Significance of Data Quality in Market Research

Welcome back to the Stories of Market Research: the Insightrix Podcast. We are excited for another new season of SoMR – with amazing guests and topics focused on the world of market research.

In our first episode of Season 4, Sharday connects with Leib Litman (Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer) and Cheskie Rosenzweig (Senior Researcher and Product Scientist) of CloudResearch to chat about the state of data quality in market research.

In this episode, Leib Litman, who recently led an expert panel on sample quality at ESOMAR 2022, debates the evolving techniques of survey fraudsters, the importance of sample (and panel) providers taking responsibility for data quality, and how organizations like CloudResearch is actively setting the standard for handling online sample, no matter how it’s collected.

Then, Leib and Cheskie explore the industry-wide challenges and ways to address systemic fraud when managing market research, specifically online samples. Cheskie shares how CloudResearch has developed rigorous data quality solutions that combine unique behavioural and technological vetting – known as Sentry – and how this powerful tool can help businesses worldwide eliminate the many threats to data quality and the validity of online research.

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