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Episode 29 Part 2: Co-creating Culture, MRX and Design Thinking

Part two continues off where part one left us with Karen Jaw-Madson, principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience + author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @ Work, and Evan Hanover, anthropologist and director for Conifer Research. Karen, Evan and Sharday, where we are defining workplace culture and co-creation and diving into how insights can support businesses who are looking to engage their employees using research methods that involve co-creation, and intuitive design thinking such as ethnography.

How do co-creative processes help us develop meaningful connections and support transparency and collaboration in business?

What is it about making sure people have the autonomy to do their jobs the best way they know how? How do physical locations come into play? How are business leaders engaging their employees past ping pong tables and free lunches? Further, they explore the topic of empathy, its importance when pursuing design thinking, and why it is integral to employee research.

Evan says it best: people do not want to work in crappy places. So what are organizations doing about it? What should they do about it?

“[Culture] is a balance. And that’s why co-creation is so important. What you’re doing is bringing the organization closer together so that you can weave the future together.”

– Karen Jaw-Madson

“Empathy is much like culture; a practice.”

– Evan Hanover
More information on today’s episode:

Check out the DOWE framework model provided by Karen Jaw-Madson, author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @ Work:

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