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Episode 04: Using Market Research to Validate Marketing Initiatives

In the fourth episode of the series, we are joined by Insightrix Creative and Digital Strategist, Sharday Torgerson, as co-host of this episode. She lends her experience and expertise for a candid look at how marketers use market research to better inform their online marketing strategies. We discuss how and where the worlds of marketing and market research collide – or more exactly, how marketing practices blend with market research methodologies.

Using mrx to validate marketing initiatives

We welcome a local marketing guru, Paige Gignac, Manager of Marketing and Communications at the United Way of Saskatoon & Area as well as the President of the Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association (SPMA), as she offers her perspective on the place of market research in marketing, as well as how marketers employ #mrx methodologies (like A/B testing), and reasons why marketers should continue to employ market research firms.

In this episode, learn more about how market research can help validate marketing initiatives, help justify those marketing budgets all marketers struggle with and how to make sense out of data, all while trying to live in the “land of the unicorns” ….

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