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Episode 14: Data Visualization vs. Data Representation

Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast is back again with a brand-new episode for a brand-new year.

In Episode 14 of the Insightrix Podcast series, we’re talking about market research and data visualization.

Data visualization and data representation are an important part of market research reporting because they make data sets that might be difficult to grasp at first glance more understandable and relatable. They merge aesthetics with hard data to communicate research stories in ways that words just can’t match.

“What makes a really good infographic is going back to the data and finding ways that really find multiple levels in the story. I think if you’re ever looking to try to tell a better story in your reporting and really want to drill down to some of those deeper answers, showing it visually is often a great way to do that.”

– Sharday Torgerson, Creative and Digital Strategist at Insightrix Research Inc.

For the episode, we’re joined by Insightrix Creative Lead, Sharday Torgerson. The mastermind behind many of our data representations, Sharday shares her experience in what data visualizations and data representations are and how they differ, how both are used, best practices on their design, the tools she uses and even some ideas about how one can advocate for more graphic-based design in your own organization.

If you would like to see a great example of some of the innovative work Insightrix has done to create graphical reporting that can both communicate data effectively AND engage broad audiences with appealing design, check out Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019Insightrix Holiday Spending 2019 is a web report we prepared to highlight the Christmas retail shopping experience in Saskatchewan that you can download and share.

You can also access many Insightrix data visualizations and representations based on our own public work on social media.

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